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Social Skills Groups

Is your child struggling making or keeping friends due to being shy, impulse control, aggressive behavior, or is being bullied?  Then you've come to the right place.  I offer soical skills groups to aid children in learning how to play fairly, learn how to express themselves in a confident manner, and learn ways to join a group- among many other life skills that they learn along the way of the group.

Cost: $150 to be paid in full at beginning of group.

Group runs for 6 weeks with 4-6 children in each group.

*Contact me to find out more information!

Parenting Groups

Need some extra support with setting boundaries with your kids?  Sick of the power struggles?  Or just looking for a community to bounce ideas off of others and gain stronger skills?  I offer parenting groups to strengthen your skills to decrease stress in your home and increase positive communication and a healthy relationship with your children/teens.  For more information contact me.  

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