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Hey There

I'm Miranda a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  My background consists of working in a hospice setting with families going through the grief process, working for Regional Center providing social worker tasks for people with developmental disabilities, working with adolescents in the foster care system, working in a therapeutic setting with children and their families in a school and outpatient setting, and most recently providing The Incredible Years curriculum to elementary school aged children teaching social emotional skills.  I have now been in private practice since 2018 and love every minute of it!

On a more personal note I am a mother to 2 young boys, have 2 dogs a cat, and love elephants and mermaids! :)  

I have also recently created a therapeutic journal- check it out on Amazon!



Is Therapy for crazy people?

No!  Therapy is a safe place to talk about your feelings and life experiences.  To learn a new way to cope with negative thought patterns and lead a healthier life.

I think my child needs therapy-should I force them to go?

That's complicated.  I feel that we shouldn't ever force anyone to go to therapy-it's a very personal process.  I say that you approach it as a family and not make your child feel they are the only one that needs help- you are a system and that only gets "fixed" when everyone works together.

I'm scared!  What if I never stop crying?

You will.  It's scary uncovering old wounds and taking a hard look at yourself.  I promise its the most meaningful work you'll ever do and will see ripple effects throughout your life.  Also, it's ok to cry...its a way that we heal.
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